Allopathy Vs Homeopathy •Which treatment is best.

Allopathy Vs Homeopathy
Allopathy Vs Homeopathy

In this artile, we know major different in Allopathy Vs Homeopathy

Allopathy                    Homeopathy
1. Allopathy Vs Homeopathy- Allopathy comes from a Greek Word that means Allos= Different & Pathy= suffering.

1. Homeopathy Vs Allopathy Homeopathy comes from a Greek word that means Homeos= Similar & Pathy=Suffering.

2. Allopathy seeks to fight against the body’s natural defense mechanism. Treat the patients according to the disease.2. Homeopathy embraces the natural defense system attaining the root cause.
3. Provide a partial and quick relief from a disease which may not be permanent.3. Treat the patients according to the symptoms.
4. Show results very quickly as it immediately suppresses the symptoms of a disease.4. Mostly show the permanent results. That is the main Different of Allopathy Vs Homeopathy.
5.May affect the immune system adversely. 5. Stimulate the immune system which helps in healing the patient naturally. Non-toxic and do not have any side effects.
6. Most the medicine is associated with some side effects.6. It generally takes time to show results as it focuses on hitting the root cause of the disease.
7. Symptoms are manifestations of the disease to be opposed or suppressed.7. Symptoms are a healthy rectum of the body’s defense mechanism.
8. The aim is to identify the organism and select a drug to destroy the specific germ. 8. The aim is to strengthen the body so it can resist harmful organisms.

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