Breast Massage To Naturally Increase Breast Size

I am certain you have heard of breast massage for breast growth and maybe you have wondered how it could possibly work to increase your breast size naturally. This article discusses the rationale as well as how the massage is performed for the greatest benefit.

Breast massage is a very important step when trying to increase your breast size naturally. The massage used for natural breast growth is from the Ancient Taoist exercise known as the Deer that has been used for thousands of years.

First of all, breast massage helps to increase blood circulation in the breast area. If you are also taking various products that contain phytoestrogens (which are similar to the estrogen produced by the body and can help with natural breast growth), the increased blood circulation will enable the breasts to pick up and use the phytoestrogens present in the blood to enlarge the breasts.

The second benefit of breast massage concerns another female hormone known as prolactin that is produced during puberty and pregnancy. This hormone helps with the development of mammary glands as well as increasing the fat stores in breasts. One of the ways that prolactin can be stimulated is through breast massage.

Breast Massage

Breast Growing Massage Steps

  • Rub your hands together very vigorously to generate heat.
  • Place your hands on your breasts and feel the heat seep into your breasts.
  • Rub your breasts gently but firmly outwards in circular motions (right hand in a clockwise direction and the left hand in a counterclockwise direction).
  • Perform a minimum of 100 circles and a maximum of 300 circles but you can perform circles of as many as you desire but ensure that you perform the same number of counts on each breast in each direction.
  • Rub your hands together again briskly and reverse directions, i.e. rub your breasts in inward, circular motions in order to stimulate your breasts (right hand in the counterclockwise direction and the left hand, clockwise). Performing this direction will actually help to increase the size of your breast as well as the firmness. You may perform this direction only if you prefer and eliminate the outward motion discussed above.
  •  Perform these circles morning and night.

Adding an oil mixture to the massage will produce even better results. Mix about 9 drops of geranium essential oil, 16 drops ylang ylang essential oilin a carrier oil such as almond oil (50ml). You can rub this oil mixture on your breasts twice a day during the massage or separately.

Another benefit of this breast massage besides breast growth is that it will promote gynecological health as it helps balance hormones in the pelvic area as some of the hormones produced will shoot up to the chest area as you perform the massage. This means that this massage will also help with PMS, menstrual cycle problems and other gynecological issues as the hormones are balanced.

Side Effects of Natural Breast Size Increasing Massage

Besides increasing breast size naturally, hormone balancing, etc, performing the massage regularly will cause your nipples to become sensitive so try as much as you can to avoid touching your nipples during the breast massage although this may be unavoidable.

Results Please!

Performing this massage twice a day for about 10 to 15 minutes should result in an increase of about a cup size in about 30 days although everyone’s results will vary.

While using massage for increasing breast size naturally will produce results, you shall get even better results using all the methods that have been used effectively for many years to enlarge breasts naturally.

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