How to Postpone Periods | 10 Easy tips

How to Postpone Periods
How to Postpone Periods

10 Easy tips which can postpone your periods naturally

1. Shepherd’s Purse Grind

Some shepherd’s purse herbs and convert them into a powder now add some water to this powder and consume it.

2. Raspberry leaf tea

How to postpone periods

If you are searching How to postpone Periods then you are the right here.

Just consume red raspberry tea every day at least a week ahead of your expected periods.

3. Parsley leaves

How to Postpone periods

Boil some parsley leaves in a cup of water on low heat for 20 minutes then strain the water into a cup and add a spoon of honey to it drink this solution twice a day delay till you wish to postpone your periods.

4. Apple cider vinegar

How to postpone periods

Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink this at least 2 times a day before a week of your expected periods.

5. Gelatin powder

How to postpone periods

Add one sachet of gelatin powder to a bowl of water and consume it thrice daily.

6. The food at low temperature 

Consuming food at low temperature can be another easy and helpful way to delay.

7. Carrots

How to postpone periods

Carrots have beta carotene which actually converts to vitamin A which helps minimize the blood flow add more carrots to your food like a salad or carrot juice.

8. Spice less food

w to postpone periods

If you really want How to Postpone Periods then its point is most important. Less Spicy diet can help you postpone the start of your periods. spicy food containing chillies, garlic, Black pepper etc. are known to increase the blood flow in the body which in turn triggers the menstrual cycle if you want to Postpone your periods quit having spicy food altogether for a couple of days

9. Gram lentils fry

How to postpone periods

Some gram lentils till they become soft now grind them to get a fine powder now make a thick soup with this powder and consume it daily.

10. Drinking more water

How to postpone periods

 Drinking more water makes your period lighter and also helps in reducing heavy bleeding start drinking more water along with the other remedies to make it more effective in slowing down your period.

How to postpone Periods? Watch the below video.

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