How to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

How to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dr Raushani a dermatologist is of the opinion that on a single day she has many patients who suffer from dark circles. Dr Raushani explains that her patients even though are concerned with the problem fail to undertake the simple steps which would teach them How To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes. In fact, most of them spend their hard-earned money on expensive products which give little benefit to them.  Dr Raushani mentions that the best way to find solutions for dark circles under the eyes is to analyze the various reasons to which are causing it. Depending on the problem on could use an effective solution.

What are the basic causes which help to develop dark circles under the eyes?


If your mother had dark circles you would also have dark circles in the near future. This could be due to your skin tone and other causes.

What is your daily exposure in the sun?

The number of hours you spend out in the sun can elevate the conditions of your dark circles. When the rays of the sun touch your dark circle area it brings out the melanin in the skin. Thus the area looks darker when compared to other areas in the language.

How many hours do you sleep every day?

When you are tired due to lack of sleep your skin pales in comparison. Due to this basic reason, your dark circles become more prominent.

How are allergies related to dark circles?

Most medical experts are of the opinion that dark circles are a symptom that the person has allergies. When you have allergies you are suffering from the reactions of histamine. This can lead you to have dark circles under your eyes. Also when you suffer from allergies there is itchiness in the eyes and when you rub your eyes the dark circles become prominent.

What is your age?

As you age your skin around the eyes becomes thin and this makes you suffer from dark circles more easily.

Note: You can check your Age by Age Calculator

Are you suffering from nutrition deficiency?

If you suffer from vitamin deficiency you might have dark circles under your eyes. Do consult a doctor and get yourself prescribed for a vitamin deficiency.

How to overcome challenges of life?

How to remove dark circles under the eyes?

Cultivate a habit of eating a balanced diet

What you eat on a daily basis gets reflected on your body? If you are into junk food you would soon notice your weight going up. If you want to enjoy beautiful eyes you would need to have fresh green vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. Do not forget to drink carrot and spinach juices as they make your eyes look vibrant.

Stop the habit of rubbing your eyes very often

If you constantly rub your eyes there is a high chance that the blood vessels beneath your eyes would get broken due to the stress on the skin. This would create dark circles under the eyes. If the itchiness is unbearable watch the eyes with clean cold freshwater.

Enjoy your eight hours of sleep

Your beauty sleep is the best medicine that yourself to remove your dark circles. In fact, it is the easiest method of How To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes. When you sleep your body’s circulation peeks up and this makes you look fresh in the morning.

Application of cold pack over your dark circles

One of the best methods to remove dark circles from your eyes is to apply a small cool pack over it. Here you can cut a slice of cucumber cool and cool in the fridge. After an hour you can then place the pack over your dark circles. If you do it on a daily basis your dark cycles would slowly disappear.

Have you thought about milk application over your dark circles?

When you are young you drank lots of milk. But when you are old you tend to quite forget about them. A quick remedy of how to remove dark circles under eyes is to apply a tablespoon of cold milk over the dark circle area and then remove with soft cotton after a few minutes. Within a few days, you would notice the magic under your eyes.

The natural ways of how to remove dark circles under eyes

Are you aware that if you have dark circles under the eyes this could indicate that you might suffer from allergies like hay fever or even other complex medical conditions? When the over counter expensive products fail to remove your dark circles, you turn towards natural ways of how to remove dark circles under eyes. You would be surprised that some of them give very efficient solutions.

What are the natural ways by which we can remove dark circles?

1.    You can extract juice from a potato and then leave them in the fridge to cool. After 30 minutes take two cotton swabs and immerse them in the potato solution and place them over your eyes. Your tired overworked eyes would get soothed and dark circles would diminish to over a period of time.

How To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

2.    If you consume green tea in the morning do not throw the used tea bags away. You can use these tea bags later as cooling pads over your eyes. The caffeine in green tea is a powerful antioxidant and helps you to clear away your dark circles.

3.    Are you taking a large number of fluids on a daily basis? This is one of the effective easy methods of How To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes and most people fail to understand its significance. When you drink fluids and water you are flushing out toxins from the body and boosting your blood circulation in your body which would help you to remove your dark circles.

4.    After consulting your doctor do take a vitamin supplement especially for Vitamin E and Vitamin B. This would help to remove your dark circles in a jiffy.

5.    You can create a chamomile tea bag and place it in hot water and let it cool off. After some time place it in the fridge and then use it over your eyes as an eye pack. This would remove help to remove the dark circles and puffiness with it.

6.    For breakfast, every day drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Orange juice is rich in Vitamin C and this helps to keep your body fit and healthy. You can also add grapefruit to this mixture.

7.    When you have broken capillaries under your eyes you can use a Vitamin K based cream. This cream can be used sparingly under the eyes twice daily. Here it is best to use an organic cream for best results.

8.    Check the amount of salt you take every day. Large intake might cause water retention in your body and also under the eyes. If you are having a salad you can spice it up using grounded pepper powder or lime juice.

9.    Exercising on a daily basis help to tone your body and keep your body healthy. A good blood circulation would prevent dark circulation from setting in.

10.    Have a positive attitude towards life and this would help you to combat your stress and dark circles.


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