Mental Fitness: Do’s and Don’ts for a healthy mind

The entire world is sweating it out to attain physical fitness and a perfect body. But, what we forget is that mental fitness is equally important. When one talks about fitness, it is to go beyond the boundaries of physical fitness and focus even on mental fitness. In this era, a healthy mind has become vital in order to handle the day-to-day stress, face new challenges, fight set-backs and still maintain a peaceful and balanced mind at the end of the day.

You are mentally fit when your mind is not only free from diseases or injury but is healthy, working and responding in optimal state with balanced emotions. Mental fitness has a strong connection with physical fitness, as being physically fit would provide oxygen and nutrients to your brain.

Enhancing your mental fitness helps you to become optimistic, confident and independent. However, if mental fitness is not given due attention, one can start developing poor memory, slow thinking, and difficulty in learning, further leading to serious problems like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer.

How to build mental strength
Physical exercise tones your body and keeps it active and healthy. Similarly, mental exercise is required for mental fit. It helps you to cope up with the demands of this competitive world. Mental exercises show positive results for both the young and old. If we go by the fact: ‘Mind controls our body’, mental fitness should be given utmost importance when we discuss a healthy life and well-being.

Do’s and Don’ts for a healthy mind or Mental Fitness:

  • Play games like chess, sudoku, crosswords, etc. that would give some exercise to your brain and stimulate your thinking abilities.
  • Meditate daily for at least 30 minutes in a peaceful environment.
  • Train your brain to respond better and faster.
  • Learn new skills or take up a hobby.
  • Read encouraging, self-help books.
  • For better Mental fitness eat brain food like fish oil, nuts, flaxseed, and olive oil; this would provide healthy fat to your brain.
  • Set a short term, personal goal. Once you achieve it, you will feel confident and your mind would feel blissful.
  • Join a social club or activity group where you feel comfortable and can share your knowledge and vice-versa. This would develop a feeling of belongingness; after all, life is all about given and take.
  • Avoid watching television for long periods, especially late at night. Instead spend some time exercising, meditating, reading, discussing etc.
  • Avoid taking drugs or alcohol, as it slows down your thinking process and other brain activities, making you numb.
  • A healthy combination of balanced emotions, good physical fitness, and great mental strength and endurance = healthy.

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