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Penis Enlargement Massage a

It wasn’t till I discovered penis enlargement massage and exercise techniques did I see any improvement.  In just 2 months of daily massage, I grew your penis by 2.5 inches. The first month saw a 1-inch increase in size and the other 1.5 inches came in the second month.

Like most men, I tried penis pills, pumps, extenders and other stuff that were supposed to give me an increase in size. All they did was drain me of money. Natural penis enlargement is the best way to go and massaging your penis in a correct manner will do wonders for your penis health.

The penis enlargement exercise in the program I used has been known to treat impotence in men, erectile dysfunction, help cure premature ejaculation and of course make your penis size bigger.

The improved blood flow in your penis is good for penile health. All you need is some massage oil and a few minutes a day to give your penis a nice penis massage and enlargement exercises.

Before stumbling on the natural penis enlargement method, I tried Vimax, Kohinoor gold, Butea Superba and other stuff. I tried everything except surgery, because of my fear of going under the blade. I tried various penis extenders like the proextender. All the promises that these products would make your penis bigger just did not materialize. Disappointing. I thought that all products on male enhancement were scams and I was close to giving up.

All I can say that it was a blessing that I found a program that focused solely on penis enlargement massage. I couldn’t have made a better decision. I saved money, time and heartache. My wife couldn’t believe it… and when we had sex she said that there was a difference. I was more “filling” and she could feel me touching the wall inside her. Whatever that means, it was a change for the better. So size does matter. I also believe that the exercises improved my sexual health overall. Harder erections, etc. I just couldn’t ask for more and I’m so contented now.

What Is Penis Enlargement Massage?

Although not everyone realizes that it is an option, penis enlargement massage can actually be an effective and non-invasive way to increase your size. While there are many products and procedures promising to make you larger, these oftentimes do not deliver on their claims and end up costing you lots of money in the process. However, due to the sheer number of products on the market today, many people tend to pass over one of the simplest ways to get results when it comes to increasing your penis size. While some procedures can actually lead to some bit of improvement, it is always best to first try an all-natural approach. The results might just surprise you.

Penis enlargement massage, although used for a different outcome, works in a very similar way to more traditional and well-known forms of massage. In fact, the goal of almost any form of massage is to stimulate circulation and blood flow. When it comes to the penis, the more circulation, the larger and more firm it will become. Therefore, results can be seen in a fairly short amount of time as blood flow is stimulated very soon after beginning the process of doing a massage.

Although almost any method will be able to help a little bit, penis enlargement massage actually uses specific techniques that are tailored towards enhancing a male’s size. As these techniques are dealing with a sensitive area of the body, it is important to take proper precautions and to learn how to perform the movements correctly so as to not cause any problems. Just because something is natural and non-invasive does not mean that care does not need to be taken to prevent any potential discomfort. However, in general, this is one of the safest ways that someone can go about enlarging his size.


One of the most appealing aspects of this sort of male enlargement method is that it can be done whenever and wherever you wish. Therefore, you can complete many more treatments than with other methods for a lot less money. As you are dealing with a private area, some people feel uncomfortable having a doctor or some other professional performing a procedure. However, with penis enlargement massage, you are free to complete treatment in the comfort of your own home and can even incorporate the process into an intimate activity to be shared with your partner.

How Massage Can Add Inches To Your Penis

Why would you want a bigger penis? To satisfy your woman better than any other guy she has has been with? To be more manly or masculine? To have better erections?

There are so many reasons. The problem is that there are just as many solutions. The internet is filled with products that will supposedly make your manhood bigger. There are natural ways for permanent penis enlargement and there are artificial ways too. There is no doubt that artificial ways cost more, have poorer results and are detrimental to the health of your penis.

Let’s talk about penis pumps.

Penis Enlargement Massage

Vacuum enlarging pumps make use of a suction force to draw huge amounts of blood into the organ, and almost instantly makes it appear larger than it is supposed to be. Amazing results… the only problem is, the increase in size is never permanent. Even worse, regularly making use of the pump can cause blisters on your penis or burst the blood capillaries inside!

Some guys even hang weights of their penis in an attempt to lengthen it. This is highly dangerous and bordering on the madness!

However desperate you may be, please AVOID such methods or other penile enlargement products.

All you will ever need are your 2 hands, some lubricants such as baby oil and some good penis massage techniques for about 30 minutes a day.

With daily, gentle penis stretching exercises, in no time you will add inches to your penis size and girth. Penis enlargement massage does not produce instant results but with daily penis exercises and massages, you can rest assured that any inches you gain will be permanent.

Proper grip and great lubricants are necessary for these penis exercises that are to be completed every day, five days a week, for 15 to 20 minutes daily. There are steps and hand positions that should be followed in order to get the most bang out of your buck and time and the eventual larger penis goal. This exercise for the penis is a variation of the popular ‘Jelqing’ penile exercise routine. Since every man is different and every man’s penis is individual and unique to that man’s anatomy, so will the penis exercise demonstrated right here.

In a typical penis growth exercise routine, what you actually do is to stretch and massage your male organ in specific ways and with pre-determined sets of pressure for about 10 to 20 minutes a day, to stimulate more blood to naturally flow into it. Blood rushes into the 2 internal main blood chambers called the Corpora Cavernosa and breaks down the cell’s walls in them. In order to cope with the daily massages, your penis will have a natural reaction and it will grow larger cells that are stronger and more capable of holding a higher amount of blood in the chambers.

When your Corpora Cavernosa chambers have an increased capacity to hold blood at any time, the erectile tissues surrounding them will give your penis that added physical length and thickness, as well as the crucial strength needed to achieve a harder erection!

Massaging your penis with your hand is much safer and effective than using penis stretching products like extenders or pumps as it results in your penis appearing much more healthier-looking, apart from being significantly bigger in size.

That’s common sense and the reasons for this are to be explained right now. First things first, massaging the penis and a penile exercise routine is not masturbation. Masturbation is the motion and stimulation of the penis with the goal of ejaculation and/or pleasure.

Massaging the penis has nothing to do with the emotional attachment or the goal of ejaculation. Massaging the penis is a daily exercise program and the goal will be to have a larger unit. If you do these exercises faithfully, your penis will be strong and hard. Your woman will feel the strength in your thrusts and your ejaculations will be much more rewarding.

That, my friend, is what your woman or any woman will want and look for. She doesn’t want a lumpy, out of shape penis that can’t get erect due to damaged tissues. If this one fact alone doesn’t convince you that penis massages are the way to go.

So if you are troubled by your small penis size, I urge you to start today by doing the simple penis enlargement massage exercises that I started doing a few months back, and which worked fantastically for me.

Massage Secrets – How I Added 2.5 Inches in 2 Months

All my life I’ve had a small dick that measured a measly 4 inches when erect. I tried penis pills, Vimax, extenders and whatever was being sold online. I tried everything except penis enlargement massage. It was the most effective, painless and inexpensive method of the lot. My penis length increased and even the girth got wider.

I also learned that most men wished they could enlarge their penis. They have a variety of reasons. Either for more confidence, better looks or just to make their woman scream in sexual pleasure.

There are so many male enhancement products on the market that are designed to play on men’s insecurities and emotions about their penile length. Almost all of these penis enlargement products are a waste of time and money. They do not work and in some cases have negative effects.

The penis enlargement massage method will have no side effects like erectile dysfunctions and long term bruising. With all the rubbish penis products on the market, it’s no wonder that most men believe that penis enhancement is just a fanciful dream. However, there is a highly effective, natural and safe method that can make your penis grow big and thick. Not only this, it’s a largely do-it-yourself penis enlargement method.

A good massage technique will ensure complete male sexual enhancement coupled with rock-solid erections, improved ejaculatory18 control, increased sexual stamina and libido and enhanced semen production.

Trying to find the best massage techniques is not easy. There is a lot of free penis massage info available, but most of the info is incorrect and usually, the free info is used to plug sales for penis pills or supplements. The websites say that you will need to use the massage techniques together with the supplements to see any positive changes.

Don’t believe this. Penis enlargement can be safe, permanent and painless without resorting to stuff like extenders, pills, weights or dangerous methods like penis surgery.

If you want a longer, thicker and bigger penis, all you need is about 30 minutes to an hour a day and a good, effective penis enlargement massage.


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