Some pre-preparation for Neonatal Care

Neonatal Care
Neonatal Care
Neonatal Care
Neonatal Care

Neonatal Care

Becoming parents of a newborn child is probably the happiest occasion but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. The neo-natal period can be one of the most trying periods for parents often causing stress and anxiety. Some pre preparations for neonatal care and making informed choices can make a huge difference in reducing your anxiety and assuring you of your child’s well being and safety.

Here are a few pointers and tips for parents of newborns:

When you bring home your new bundle of joy, it does not have a well-developed immune system. The new born baby is susceptible to a lot of infections. Hence maintaining hygiene is the most important aspect of neonatal care
Stack fresh, well washed and sanitized clothes and bedding for your child. Make sure that people who assist you in taking care of the child (spouse, family members or hired help) use hand sanitizer and maintain the required hygiene. Keep all the necessary supplies like clean clothes, diapers, blankets or towels handy. Never leave your new born unattended.

Breastfeeding is an important part of neonatal care. It is important not only for the child but for the mother as well. Breast milk is the safest and most nutritious food for your child. In case of some reason you are feeding the baby externally make sure the bottle and feeder are sterilized.

The baby needs to be fed at regular intervals. It can be a great hassle for a mother because it means irregular sleeping hours for her, but it is an important part of neonatal care and should not be neglected. Good sleep and regular feeding is of utmost importance for a baby; set your routine according to that of your baby.

Keep your baby clean and healthy by providing regular massages and warm-water baths. Bathing a baby requires a lot of care, lest the water enters your baby’s ears or nostrils causing discomfort. Also make sure that the water is not very hot for your new born child’s skin; the water should always be lukewarm.

Learning how to carry your baby is an important aspect of neonatal care. Your baby should always be held in positions providing good support to the neck. Be gentle with your newborn. An infant should always be laid on the back. Bright lights and loud sounds can harm your baby. Make sure you provide the baby a peaceful atmosphere. If you want to click pictures of your new born, do so without using a flash. New born babies thrive on love. Show affection and bonding by singing, cooing, talking to them and caressing them.

Make sure you do not miss your doctor’s set appointment. And last but not the least, do not forget the immunisation schedule of your baby.

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