Weight Gain- How to get weight

weight gain
weight gain

Weight Gain
Most of the people, today, are trying hard to shed those extra kilos. However, there is also a small percentage of people who wish to gain weight, as they are often tagged as ‘underweight’. And that’s definitely not a compliment. Hence, there is a huge lot of underweight people who go for weight gain programmers. But gaining weight is as difficult as losing it.

How do you know that you are underweight?

There is a simple way to calculate whether your body weight matches the requirement of your height- calculating the BMI or Body Mass Index. If your BMI happens to be less than 18.5, you are definitely underweight and need to pump irons. Your BMI is your weight divided by the square of your height. A BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered to be normal.

Why are some people underweight?

The following factors may contribute to a low BMI:

  • Chronic diseases
  • Less physical activities
  • Eating disorders
  • Heredity
    However, one can overcome these factors and start focusing on weight gain for a healthy and better life, as being underweight can become a root cause to many diseases and disorders in the long run.

Why gain weight?

There are various reasons for which one would want to put on weight if she/he is underweight. Few popular reasons are:

For men and women both, good looks are of primary importance. Gaining weight at all the right places and looking attractive gives them emotional security and social acceptance. A curvaceous body is what women want and a muscular physique is what the men desire.
People who are underweight are more prone to illnesses, as they have low immunity.
Those who are good at sports, but are underweight cannot sustain in this field for long due to lack of stamina.
Gain weight the healthy way:
Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, you cannot put on the desired kilos overnight. One needs to be patient and put in consistent efforts for weight gain. You can look graceful only if you put on the right amount of kilos at right places. If you take sudden and drastic steps, things may go wrong and all your efforts may get wasted.

Weight Gain-How to get Weight

Eat healthy food. Include a sufficient amount of carbohydrates and proteins in your diet.
Take expert opinion or hire a gym instructor and do the exercises that would help you to gain weight. The belief that thin people do not need to exercise is completely wrong. During weight gain, one needs to gain lean mass and not accumulate fat. Thus, exercising is equally important.
Also, include cardiovascular exercises and aerobics in your exercise regime. It helps to build your stamina.
Start lifting weights.
Consult a nutritionist, who would plan a diet which includes the right amount of supplements required by your body.
Taking a lot of vitamins and fluid can help in weight gain.
Add more calories to your diet. For a man doing light activity or exercise, the calorie requirement is 2200, while for a woman it is 1900. To gain around half a kilo in a week, you need to eat around 1000 extra calories than the basic requirement.
Take calorie-rich food like oats, banana shake, milk and milk products, nuts, fish, eggs, meat, etc. at frequent intervals. In short, consume more calories than you burn and prefer food rich in protein and carbohydrates.
Avoid saturated fats like ghee and butter. It’s a notion that this food help in gaining weight in a healthy way.
Develop good sleeping habits.

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