Weight Loss: How to reduce your Overweight

Weight Losss

Weight Loss: The number of overweight or obese individuals is increasing in our society. This is because of our sedentary lifestyle and junk food culture. Being overweight or obese can lead to other chronic illnesses, hence, it is very important for a person to remain fit and maintain an ideal weight.

Are you overweight or obese?

Your body mass index (BMI) can give a fair idea about the weight category into which you fall. According to the BMI chart people with BMI more than 25 are overweight.

   25 to 29.9   Overweight
   30 to 34.99   Obese class I
   35 to 39.99   Obese class II
   more than 40.00   Obese class III

Benefits of weight loss

Losing weight is the dream of every overweight person. Every overweight person wants a lose those extra kilos and look great, however the benefits of weight loss are much more than just cosmetic. Weight loss substantially reduces the risk of various chronic diseases affecting an overweight individual.

The several benefits of weight loss are:

Boosts the confidence of the individual
Gives the individual better mobility and increases energy levels
Reduces the risk of diabetes
Proves beneficial in controlling the blood sugar levels
Can help to keep blood pressure in control
Lowers blood cholesterol levels
Improves sleep amnesia
Abates pain due to osteoarthritis (pain in joints due to excess weight)
Lose weight the healthy way
Our body accepts gradual changes easily while sudden changes will cause more harm than benefit. Weight loss, too, cannot be achieved in a day. It demands healthy changes in your lifestyle, a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Changes in lifestyle:

A healthy lifestyle is the most important factor that helps in healthy and steady weight loss. It also helps to maintain a healthy weight after shedding those extra pounds. Here are some changes your body can easily adapt to: Wake up early in the morning and go for a walk, eat a substantial, healthy breakfast, fix a time for your meals, prefer the stairs to a lift, sleep for at least 6-8 hours. Apart from this daily routine you can fix certain household chores like gardening or cleaning the backyard during weekends. This will not only be productive but also burn calories.

Healthy diet plan:

You are what you eat. So eat healthy foods, and it will reflect on your fitness level. Make sure to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Substitute certain foods with better options like choosing skimmed milk over full-fat milk.  Eat at regular intervals but in small portions. Overeating and starving both are equally harmful and make losing weight difficult to achieve.

Regular exercising

Take up any form of exercise like yoga, aerobics or go to a gym, regularly. Exercising is different from just any activity or household chore. Exercise is one of the most important aspects of weight loss and helps you lose weight in the right areas.

Other weight loss methods

Weight loss pills and supplements
Weight loss pills are not considered healthy as they produce side effects, and can cause harm to your body. These pills should not be bought over the counter, but only taken under medical supervision and under the guidance of a doctor. The treatment should be teamed up with the above mentioned healthy weight loss methods.

Weight loss surgeries

Surgeries like bariatric surgery are usually done on people who are extremely overweight or obese and suffer from chronic ailments like diabetes. There are many people, these days, who prefer to go under the knife to look good and that too for purely cosmetic reasons. These surgeries include liposuction, tummy tucks, thigh lifts, etc.



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